Clone scripts are the programming language which is used by the website developers to clone the features of the existing website into their developing website. Lots of clone scripts are available on the different websites of the popular websites that are running well on the internet and is accessed by a lot of users. These clone scripts basically mimic the functionality or the designs of the other popular websites.

Free and Paid Clone Scripts : A lot of websites offer free service where clone scripts can be used without paying anything, but some sites offer paid service where a person can buy clone scripts of the popular websites depending on their performance, functions, testimonials and demos’. Some clone script sources are locked by their parent source and some have a copyright issue. These scripts can sometimes be obtained after paying some percentage of loyalty.

Open and Close Sources : Everyone has an imaginative mind. By viewing other websites, they create a base for their website; hence they need their clone script, where they do the same programming, but use a different concept and pictures for the display purpose. Hence, it helps in changing the look of the website completely. These clone scripts are obtained either from the open sources or from the clone sources causing restriction in cloning the complete programming. From the open sources, complete programming can easily be cloned, but from the closed sources, the users will find in difficulty, as only few registered users can access the closed sources to clone the script.

Websites : Some websites are specially designed in such a way, that it contains visual clickers of various popular websites clone script. It is an exploration medium for the website developers where they can find clone scripts as per the requirement given to them by their clients. The base as advised by the client can be easily cloned by visiting these Google’s sites. These web areas contain all the popular websites clone scripts like of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, EzineArticles, Pinterest, Dropbox, Amazon, etc.

Right Clone Scripts : The developer or the programmer whoever is cloning the clone script has to be smart enough in copying the right script, as sometimes cloning the script may clone some unwanted errors, which might come in notice after the site has been constructed, resulting in slow working of website, hanging of website, troubleshoot errors, etc. Therefore finding a right clone script is very important and same should be checked and experimented at regular intervals and each feature and function should be paid special attention.

Clone Script Files : These files are available in a lot of different formats like in Ajax scripts which runs JavaScript and XML. Various other scripts are available for easier accessibility and for different functionality of the websites. These scripts include: ASP,C++,CFML, Flash, Python, PHP, CGI and PERL, HTML5, etc.

The above mentioned are the certain ways in which one can find a suitable clone script of any popular website. These clone scripts are really helpful in even understanding the programming of various websites, and a web developer can really use these scripts for learning various programming mediums and different functions of it.